HSL Event Info

Hello Everyone,

Please remember the Live/On-Site event is tomorrow, 4/14/2012. The following players have made it to the Live event and will need to be on site for their matches:

  • BSG
    • Will1
    • Fuse
    • Excentrick
    • CannonFodder


  • Plat+
    • EmpireviOLet
    • Heavenslight
    • Hellokitty1
    • Foolofatook
    • tQorgetslamt
    • Nick
    • MoB_FlatLine
    • PZSniXSniPe
    • Jibroni
    • vileHawk
    • Blitz1
    • Wzp
    • Oobios

If for some reason you cannot be on site we need to know ASAP.

The match schedule is as follows:

BSG Plat+

12:00 PM

RO 16 – Group 1

1:00 PM

RO 16 – Group 2

2:00 PM

RO 8

3:00 PM

RO 4 RO 4

4:00 PM

3rd place match

5:00 PM


5:15 PM


5:30 PM


5:45 PM


6:00 PM


6:15 PM


6:30 PM


6:45 PM


7:00 PM


7:15 PM


7:30 PM


7:45 PM



The Venue is the Microsoft Store, inside the Houston Galleria Mall (5085 Westheimer Road  Houston, TX 77056), below is a map showing where the MS Store is within the mall. Parking is free 24/7 but can be difficult to find an open spot so please show early.

Please Remember to bring your own mouse and keyboard.

Please bring comfortable headphones, we will have a limited supply of headphones to distribute for use.


We are also still looking for volunteers for the event. Please reply here if you are interested.



Daniel “Daenks” Stone

HSL Season One Brackets and Info

Welcome again to Houston Starcraft League’s Season 1 Event!

Online rounds are the first three rounds of the BSG Bracket, and the first two rounds of the Plat-GrandMaster Bracket. The Seeding for the live event will be generated after all online matches have been completed.

This event is a single-elimination tournament, all matches except for the finals in each bracket will be best of 3, and the finals will be best of 5.


* Bronze-Gold Brackets: http://cyber-sports.net/event/hsl-bsg-tournament
* Platinum-GrandMaster Brackets: http://cyber-sports.net/event/hsl-plat-tournament

The Map Pool is as follows:

MLG Antiga Shipyard
ESV Cloud Kingdom
MLG Shakuras Plateau
GSL Daybreak
MLG Tal’darim Altar
MLG Shattered Temple
MLG Metalopolis

Round Information:

Round 1:

To be played between Tuesday April 3th, Wednesday April 4th.
Plat-GrandMaster players play this round online.
BSG players play this round online.
Best of 3
First Map will be MLG Antiga Shipyard
Each Player may veto one map, but not MLG Antiga Shipyard
Loser will pick the next map

Round 2:
To be played between Thursday April 5th, Friday April 6th.
Plat-GrandMaster players play this round online.
BSG players play this round online.
Best of 3
First Map will be ESV Cloud Kingdom
Each Player may veto one map, but not ESV Cloud Kingdom
Loser will pick the next map

Round 3:
To be played between Monday April 9th, Tuesday April 10th.
Plat-GrandMaster players DO NOT play this round online, it will be played LIVE on April 14th.
BSG players play this round online.
Best of 3
First Map will be MLG Shakuras Plateau
Each Player may veto one map, but not MLG Shakuras Plateau
Loser will pick the next map

Prizes will be distributed as follows:

Bronze-Gold $200:
* $125 for 1st Place
* $75 for 2nd Place

Platinum-GrandMaster $1000:
* $500 for 1st Place
* $300 for 2nd Place
* $150 for 3rd Place
* $50 for 4th Place

Other Rules:
You must be at-least 16 years old to play in this tournament; anyone under the age of 18 must have permission from their parent or legal guardian to participate.
You must own a legal copy of Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty and you must not be banned from the North American servers.
You must play in the event with the Battle.NET ID and Code that you used to register for the tournament.
Smurfing – using a separate account to play in a different bracket than the one you belong in – is strictly prohibited, and will result in disqualification from the event.

Finally, Thanks to everyone for participating, this is the beginning of an amazing eSports community here in houston.

Good Luck, Have Fun, Happy Hunting!
Daniel “Daenks” Stone

HSL Season One registration to close 4/1/2012

Howdy All!

Season One’s registration phase will be closing 4/1, and online matches to compete for your place at the live event on 4/14/2012 will begin shortly after. Players should expect an email shortly after registration closes to schedule matches.

The map poll will also be closing 4/1, and there will be more information released about the event and venue on that day.


Daniel “Daenks” Stone

HSL Season One Open!

Hello everyone!

I am delighted to announce that season one is now open for everyone to enter! Please see our Season One page for additional details.

Also, check out the Team Liquid Thread:



Daniel “Daenks” Stone

Season One Information Update!

Please see our Season One page for all the updated information!

I’m getting very exited, as all the pieces are falling into place. We are going to have a very nerd-ballin’ event!


Daniel “Daenks” Stone

HSL Season 1 location announced!

HSL has partnered up with the Microsoft Store in the Houston Galleria Mall!

We will be hosting the HSL Season 1 Tournament there sometime in early April, stand by for more details, including competitor signup and prize details!


Slogan, Sponsors, and more.

Hello again everyone,

The Houston SC2 League now has its first official sponsor! Please check out www.sconet.net, a premier IT company headquartered here in Houston, TX.

I would also like to announce the HSL’s first slogan, “Bringing eSports to Houston, one GG at a time!”

Stay tuned for more!

Daniel “Daenks” Stone


Welcome to the Houston Starcraft 2 League homepage. We have a lot of exiting plans for 2012, including two open entry tournament weekends. Please stay tuned for more information on Venue, Sponsor, and date (Early April?).


Daniel “Daenks” Stone